Agriculture and cooperatives are complementary to each other.

They cannot exist in isolation.

Cooperatives have been expected to achieve a number of economic and social goals. In addition to increasing production and mobilising underutilised resources, they have also been expected to increase social justice and equality of opportunity, to reinforce social solidarity, and to rebuild communities supposedly fragmented by the impact of colonial regimes, market expansion, and new technologies.

Our Services

Monthly Saving

The account will be opened at the minimum amount of Rs.1000. Regular monthly saving amount is Rs.500. Minimum Maturity Period is 5 Years.

Agriculture Loan

Agriculture loan is a subsidized loan to meet the financing requirements of small and mid-sized businesses for various agricultural and livestock purposes.

Co-operative farming

The application of principles of cooperation in the cultivation of land is called Cooperative Farming which necessarily implies pooling of land and joint cultivation and management.

About Us

Our cooperatives have very well served in the past and have great relevance to extend support to agricultural production in terms of provision of credit, input delivery and processing and marketing of agricultural produce to ensure adequate returns to farmers.  


As per the latest figures more than 75 percent of Nepal’s population lives in rural areas, majority of which depends on agriculture for its livelihood. Neplease agriculture is typically characterized with small and medium sized holdings, large number of agricultural workers spread over a large area, low income generation and low savings as a result of which the farmers look upon agriculture not as business but only as a way of life.


To be a trusted energy resource for our members, an employer of choice, and a respected business partner with our communities.

We have a Project on mind.

In Comming future Manas Agriculture is going to lunch agriculture farning. Fore that this organization is estimating the financial cost, Looking for best Location and grouping the agriculture export in a team.

5 Keys to Building Successful Agriculture Cooperatives

1. Find a Way to Reach Farmers

2. Create a Budget that’s Sustainable and Will Get You What You Need

3. Define Your Goals & Objectives Clearly from Day 1

4. Invest in Technology to Maximize Efficiency and Increase Profitability for Members

5. Make Sure All Members are Accountable for Their Actions & Meet Their Commitments